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Until recently we were the Team of Two - two dedicated full-time real estate professionals who are here to serve you. We bring together different skills and we work together. With the addition of our son Athar Jafri to our sales-force last year, we are confident we can understand your needs and perspectives across the board. We are now three dedicated full-time, highly-skilled real estate professionals working for you.
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Ahmed and Shehla have been working together as a team for years selling real estate in the Greater Toronto Area (G.T.A.). Because of our experience we serve both residential and commercial needs. Some areas we specialize in include homes and condominiums in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto, and the G.T.A. including: Oakville, Vaughn, Milton. We are also familiar with various ethnic communities throughout the GTA including those speaking Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi. We've also had many East Asian clientelle. Our ability to relate is a strong asset - we realize the even within one family individual members are oriented to different priorities - some for example, think first financially whereas others think aesthetically, and for others property is about a lifestyle and neighbourhood.



     Ahmed Jafri has been working in real estate in the GTA for 26 years. Ahmed has spent his professional career with Remax, beginining as a sales agent in 1984. With a thorough understanding of the fluid and aggressive Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto real estate market, Ahmed is constantly in touch with all of the variables you need to know about.

     A graduate of engineering schools abroad, and with international experience - lived in Austria for years - he can relate to a variety of people. He is quick to smile and put people at ease, and with his perseverance he is sure to be a great fit.



     Shehla Jafri has been working in real estate in the GTA for 20 years. Shehla has spent her professional career with Remax, beginining as a sales agent in 1990. Her unique insights and perspective help balance out the team.



     Athar Jafri completed his real-estate certification and began at Remax in 2006. His unique attributes are his calm laid-back demeanor and his understanding of the young-buyer. He let's you make the best decisions. He can relate to the person trying to navigate the market for the first time in a home or condo.

     Athar is a graduate of Humber College, and coaches basketball in his spare time.



Who We Are:


Extremely hard working, award-winning real estate representatives in the GTA.


Our location::


Our office is located here:

Remax Performance
1140 Burnhamthorpe Rd.W., Suite 141
Mississauga, Ontario
L5C 1E3

Office Phone: 905-270-2000
Office Fax: 905-270-0047

You can find our location at Google Maps >> HERE.

Our Web Site:


Our website features state-of-the-art technology, we will e-Market your home or property to thousands of individuals. Shortly, we will be able to upload images and videos that get hundreds of more views for your property.


Our Experience:


While people share a lot in common, everyone wants the best homes for the best prices, most of our clients are also unto themselves unique. This may include a set of considerations about other family, kids, pets, schools, commutes, accessability to services, recreation, friends and other factors that are unique. We can help you work through these considerations and give options that cover your needs as a whole.


Community Relations:


We are deeply involved in the community. We regularily host festivals, melas and shows, some of which contribute to charitable organizations. Our outreach into the community enables us to know about useful services and contacts in the neighbourhoods you may be thinking of residing in.